Author Marketing Strategy Consultation Services

In my seven years working in digital marketing at Random House, HarperCollins, and Macmillan, I worked on hundreds of book campaigns, from big best sellers by established authors to promising debuts by fresh new voices. Now I work with authors on a freelance basis, either giving indie authors the same kind of marketing strategy they would receive from a traditional publisher, or working with traditionally published authors to pursue additional strategies. If you are interested in any of the services below, send me an email for a quote.

  • Overall Marketing Strategy
    • Receive tailored recommendations for finding a wider audience
  • Social Media Bootcamp
    • A 60-minute session in person (NYC) or over Skype designed for the author with no social media experience yet, to give you an overview of the major social media platforms to help you decide which, if any, are best for you to pursue
  • Social Media Strategy
    • Helping authors with established social media presences to maximize their efficacy in book promotion as well as growing followers
  • Facebook Advertising
    • Strategy, or strategy and implementation
  • Amazon Marketing Services
    • Strategy, or strategy and implementation
  • Author Website
    • Turnkey-only, the website will be built in a beginner-friendly platform, and after it’s completed the author will be shown how to update it as needed
  • Metadata Optimization
    • Receive feedback on how to bring descriptive copy in line with industry standards and utilize Amazon’s hidden keyword function

Below are some of the books I worked on in a marketing capacity: